The Decision

I’ve always known I wanted to see the world. Not just see it, bouncing around from one massive tourist attraction to the next, but to feel it. To hear languages I can’t understand, to taste food I’ve never seen, to feel welcome in the home of a stranger.

Every college student approaching graduation has a moment where they contemplate their choices. We all take a second and think, “maybe I’ll sell all my stuff and move to a cabin on a mountain! Used Macbook pros are worth like $1000 right? I can totally make it work.” Well, for most of us, these thoughts are fleeting and we go on to take a job making less than we should, working hours we can’t believe we’re working, and climbing the figurative ladder. As cliche as it sounds, I just couldn’t get myself to accept the idea that I was ready to put on heels every day, commute to a city I couldn’t afford to live in, and work a job that I would then do for the rest of my life. So I set out to find another path.

I moved home, started working at the cute little coffee shop I’ve worked at since high school, and racked my brain about whether or not I was brave enough to travel the world on my own. I went back and forth between feeling like Beyonce in the Independent Woman video, and feeling like a five year old wanting to be cuddled by my mom. Luckily, one morning as we discussed my predicament, my boss suggested that I talk to her daughter, Ashley. Ashley is a badass farmer, and had mentioned interest in traveling during the fall/winter season when she wouldn’t be harvesting or planting. Within a couple weeks, our first plane tickets were purchased and my dream became a reality.

I could not be more excited to hop on that plane and say, “Sayonara!” to the old Red, White, and Blue for a while. Sure I’m scared, nervous, anxious and will definitely cry at least once from missing my dogs (and family hi guys), but I can’t wait to see what another part of the world has to offer.

My sister Brooke recently said “Shelby’s going on a European vacation!” to which I politely responded, “This isn’t a vacation! This is my life!” and everyone laughed (not with me).

So here’s to a new, more adventurous and more delicious, life.


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